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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Post 26/11 Mumbai Terrorist Attack

It’s really good to see that common man is awaken because now is the high time. It is now or never. 
Just read the Citizens suggestions over scope of improvement:
Panel has already finalized all important measures to be taken which were collected from the Indian community in this forum.
Now what more important is, as said by Kiran Bedi we need to be updated after every 3 or 6 months from directly Home ministry. 
I will suggest following corporate working style. We already noted down the points, which will be conveyed. Now after every 3 months we need to maintain following track: 
1. Progress against every point. 
2. Pending items/Todo for every point. 
3. Expected deadline without extensions.  
4. Precise information on responsible person/department  
For every update just publish this detail report on front page of the News papers, Index page of news channels, our websites, Blogs on every possible corner. Then let’s see who dares!!