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Friday, December 11, 2015

Skill gap between Industry and education System

Well somehow I love to suggest and guide my peers, juniors and students of various institutes. Weather any Technical topic such as Java, JEE, AngularJS, JQuery, bootstrap or anything in general such as career counselling, paths in IT etc, I just love to share my experience. This not only give me happiness but also keep me updated with the issues around the world.

 One such big issue is the gap between Industry and education system. Initially I was shocked to see that nothing much has changed in our education system in a decade. We have not learned from our mistakes. Our students are still not ready for the industry. Our academics and institutions are not ready to keep up the pace with world.
  • Our education system relies so much on theoritical knowledge that many surveys actually suggest that half of all graduates are not employable in any sector based on industry standards. 
  • Situation is worst in IT sector, where many studies has shown that around 75% of IT graduates are deemed as 'unemployable'. 
 There is a “definite disconnect between the skills and aptitude of the majority of graduates and the needs of industry”, according to Ashok Reddy, managing director and co-founder of the recruitment agency Teamlease Services India.

I personally feel bad, reading such reports and outcomes. Though their are some institutions which are looking into this direction but desperate time asks for desperate measures. Would like to mention some ways to improve, but that later on.

Please feel free to provide your inputs.


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