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Friday, December 11, 2015

Skill gap between Industry and education System

Well somehow I love to suggest and guide my peers, juniors and students of various institutes. Weather any Technical topic such as Java, JEE, AngularJS, JQuery, bootstrap or anything in general such as career counselling, paths in IT etc, I just love to share my experience. This not only give me happiness but also keep me updated with the issues around the world.

 One such big issue is the gap between Industry and education system. Initially I was shocked to see that nothing much has changed in our education system in a decade. We have not learned from our mistakes. Our students are still not ready for the industry. Our academics and institutions are not ready to keep up the pace with world.
  • Our education system relies so much on theoritical knowledge that many surveys actually suggest that half of all graduates are not employable in any sector based on industry standards. 
  • Situation is worst in IT sector, where many studies has shown that around 75% of IT graduates are deemed as 'unemployable'. 
 There is a “definite disconnect between the skills and aptitude of the majority of graduates and the needs of industry”, according to Ashok Reddy, managing director and co-founder of the recruitment agency Teamlease Services India.

I personally feel bad, reading such reports and outcomes. Though their are some institutions which are looking into this direction but desperate time asks for desperate measures. Would like to mention some ways to improve, but that later on.

Please feel free to provide your inputs.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Post 26/11 Mumbai Terrorist Attack

It’s really good to see that common man is awaken because now is the high time. It is now or never. 
Just read the Citizens suggestions over scope of improvement:
Panel has already finalized all important measures to be taken which were collected from the Indian community in this forum.
Now what more important is, as said by Kiran Bedi we need to be updated after every 3 or 6 months from directly Home ministry. 
I will suggest following corporate working style. We already noted down the points, which will be conveyed. Now after every 3 months we need to maintain following track: 
1. Progress against every point. 
2. Pending items/Todo for every point. 
3. Expected deadline without extensions.  
4. Precise information on responsible person/department  
For every update just publish this detail report on front page of the News papers, Index page of news channels, our websites, Blogs on every possible corner. Then let’s see who dares!!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Cleared SCWCD 1.4

So after several reschedules I cleared SCWCD1.4 on 29 May 2007 with 84%. It was a nice experience as I didn't have to study a lot like SCJP5. I was working on web technologies since 2 years, which was helpful. So here are my experiences.

* Disclaimer
Ha, simply I am not responsible for any thing as all these are my personal feelings and experiences. So as usually don’t blame for me anything.

Many people argue that SCWCD is obsolete now with introduction to JSF, Struts etc. And that's why investment in SCBCD is more fruitful than SCWCD. In my view, it depends upon the requirement, a developer's profile. BCD is at its place, but SCWCD is no way short at any side.
Only because of this certification, came to know that I also can use JSTL, even can develop my own custom tags (which previously was a mystery for me), and EL? it just simplifies every thing in JSP. How many of web developers are aware of Listeners or the sequence of events happening in background? Security is the concept which I knew is important but never dare to look into it, now I can talk on it . Deployment and design patterns are topics of my interest and I scored good in both. And I know they will help me lot in long term.
So taking SCWCD is a wise decision.

* How to prepare?
I referred "Head First Servlet & JSP" by K & B & Bryan. And it’s sufficient to clear the exam with a nice score. For Design Patterns I referred Deshmukh’s Book. It is a nice book. Apart from that I also tried some mocks (Not much). Moreover there is lots of stuff on net.
Revision of HFServlet & JSP bullets point and exercises with No Dumb Questions helps a lot.
In the last, Final quiz from HFSJ is mandatory. And guys say that:
Final exam’s score + 20 = SCWCD score
Even though in my case it was amusing. I scored 58% in final mock and 84% in SCWCD, almost reverse ;-). I guess I was feeling sleepy in mock exam :-P.

* Resources
a) Head First Servlet & JSP - by K & B & Bryan
b) SCWCD - Deshmukh’s Book

Internet resources:
Most of the FAQ are available at:

And almost all important SCWCD links are available at:
Make a habit of surfing:

Also http://www.j2eecertificate.com is a good site for maintaining your track with mocks.

* Battle Field
This time I already told exam coordinator to reduce the intensity of Air conditioner. Otherwise…. The scene used to chill the nerves. Start with easy picking questions. In other iteration make your head work and solve most of the questions. Mark and leave them, if they are taking much time. Also be careful for Drag and Drop questions. They used to be easy but if you answer them once, and will attempt again, a message will appear which clearly says that your previous answer for the question will be reset. So attempt them only once and forget them. I found that time is not a problem for SCWCD as claimed by others. Either you know or not. In last, revise at a glance all of your answers, may be you will catch some of nonsense mistakes (I used to do them). That’s it, score report will print as usual. And after SCJP experience I was aware of the speed of printer. So I waited, …… Oh! My score was 84% , fine for easy going preparation.

* Value of Certification
When I posted blog on SCJP in past, I remember i was searching for a good Company to give me a chance and today I am in IBM India Pvt Ltd. Certification helped me in improving my knowledge, confidence and profile.

* Appraisal for HFSJ
Must say that it is the best book available in market, which actually speaks with the reader. A GUI based book is more effective than any other method. Whenever I tried to skip any exercise… it prompted me… “Wait, this exercise is not optional” – and I had to solve that exercise with a smile. Every important point was boldly mentioned – no way can any reader skip it. Questions in exercised are close to exam except that I always missed correct number of questions (I want to show my anger hgggxxxx).
Simply this book burns every important bit into your memory’s hardware (hope memory is not RAM).

* Last Word
And if you like this blog, want to query, any correction, your experiences... just comment it out. I will try my best to respond.
Wish you good Luck!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Pappu pass ho gya :)

I Cleared SCWCD 1.4 with 84% on 29 May 2007

My new footer should now include:
Sun Certified Web Component Developer for Java 2 Platform, Enterprise
Edition 1.4

Lets see when i will get time to share my experience

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Me as an IBMer !

So now i am an IBMer :-)
As usual it was a struggle
(for which i am now habitual) from starting to sitting in my new cubical, even then now i am at my new IBM premise and own cubical. Now i wish to stick with this Big Elephant for some good amount of time.
IBM's work culture and policies (except appraisals) is really good. TRUST is the keyword here. Nobody is the supervisor
here . IBM don't keep login,logout attendance etc all those tracking. They just trust their employees, and expect them to be the owner of their work. Here work environment is also cool, work used to be their, but they promote the perfect balance between professional and personal life. Work from home, is the concept propagated by IBM.

They said, its a ocean and so ha some advantages and disadvantages. Numerous verticals, countless technologies, various roles and responsibilities. And best thing is that IBM gives surplus number of expert trainings, seminars, workshops etc to excel.
But in this ocean it is very easy to lost. In this huge organization making your own entity is a challenge. Apart from this, i also heard that appraisals happen just for formality.

Well lets see, its just the beginning.
Thanks God! for each and every bit which i have tasted :-)

Friday, April 13, 2007

हिंदी ब्लोग ? अरे वहा

मैं हिंदी मैं ब्लोग लिख रहा हूँ | क्या बात है गूगल , लगे रहो | मुझे बड़ा मजा आ रहा है | ये सर्विस तो बहुत बढ़िया है | इसके पिछे कि कहानी मैं भी मुझे दिलचस्पी है | कौन सी तकनीक से इसे बनाया गया है ?

चलिये अब हम कुछ काम कर लेते हैं | नमस्कार |


Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Beyond that Big Big Line

Today was my last day in Nucleus's office.
I resigned from Nucleus Software Exports Ltd......