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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Cleared SCJP5

So at last!!
After a long delay, i cleared SCJP5.
It is another thing that i scored merely 76% when i was hoping 85+.
Surely it was only my fault. I din't revised properly as i was just frustated with the delay and i decided to give exam thats it. I think i lacked some code practice also. And at last, my crazy schedule was amazing.
I did a 5-5 night shift, then traveled from Jan Shatabdi to delhi till 1 Noon,
searched center and attempted exam at 2-5 Pm.

Well, its fine. Now its a nice experiance to be Sun Certified Java Programmer, SE5.
next time i will keep my mistakes in mind.
Ya ofcourse this certification was enough reason to celebrate, and relax for sometime.


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